Fire Service urges residents to make the call!

Firefighters are urging anyone who cares for an elderly parent, relative, friend or neighbour, especially if they are a smoker or have mobility issues, to apply for a free Safe and Well visit, following the third fatal fire in Warwickshire this year involving an elderly person who smokes. 

If you are a carer; then there are things that you can do to prevent a fire in the home. The main signs to look out for include;

  • Burn marks on the carpets, smoking in bed, overfilled ashtrays
  • Hoarding – storing lots of boxes, rubbish, paperwork around the house
  • Overloaded plug sockets – plug sockets plugged into plug sockets
  • Faulty electric blankets – look out for frayed wiring, burn marks on the blanket

All of the above increase the risk of having a fire in the home. If you have seen any of the above signs in the home of a person that you care for, then please apply for a free Safe and Well visit by logging onto:

Or by calling 01926 466282.

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